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Behind the scenes at Hello Games, makers of 'No Man's Sky'

One tiny studio is building the biggest universe gaming's ever known

If you'd heard of Hello Games before this year's E3, it'd have been through playing the small indie studio's motorcycle stuntman sim, Joe Danger. But a quick visit to Sony's keynote stage by company founder Sean Murray has thrust Hello Games into the spotlight. It's all thanks to the ambitious new game that Murray and his small band of merry coders are working on. No Man's Sky proposes an infinite universe for players to explore, replete with all the hallmarks of sci-fi lore: fantastic creatures, intense space battles, and an intrepid curiosity for the unknown.

On a recent visit to the small Hello Games studio, I got to see how the 10-person team is going about its monumental task. The entire development crew works from inside just one big room, which resides next to a taxi company's offices. It's an unglamorous but friendly setting, decorated with Asteroid stickers on the walls and lots of vibrant color throughout. Scattered all around are various testing computers and consoles, including PlayStation and Xbox controllers and the recently arrived Sony Morpheus headset. The first-person No Man's Sky would seem to be an ideal candidate for being used with a VR headset like the Morpheus or the Oculus Rift, though Hello Games won't promise anything just yet. You'll find photos from the studio below and our early preview of the game right here.

Hello Games studio photos