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Yo has a real purpose now

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Yo is a great way to annoy your friends, but it could also turn into something much more — a simple way to manage push notifications across multiple apps and gadgets. Today, we got the first taste of how Yo might actually be useful on a daily basis. The company has launched an IFTTT channel that lets you automate light switches, air conditioning, Belkin WeMo devices, and phone calls, all by sending a Yo to IFTTT. For now, this means you can only set up one function at a time, which is unfortunate. Here are some of the many ways you can use Yo with IFTTT:

In some cases, opening Yo and tapping IFTTT could be easier than opening your Jawbone UP app, Twitter app, or Philips Hue app. Here's where Yo can provide real value — by providing one-tap access to switches and simple functions like these. Traditionally, these functions would exist inside ten different apps, not just one. Apps like Launch Center Pro already show that a "speed dial" for simple tasks can be really valuable, and it works with IFTTT as well. There's something beautiful about Yo's approach, however, which could someday turn one tap into a million functions.