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Martha Stewart updates her drone for summer

Martha Stewart updates her drone for summer


Celebrity homemaker shows off her home from 900 feet in the air

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Martha Stewart is a noted tech lover. Last year Stewart professed her appreciation for the iPad, calling it "addictive" and "awesome" — but she seems to have a particular affinity for drones. Earlier this year, she told Vanity Fair that she had obtained a "beautiful" Parrot AR drone, which she used to take aerial photographs around her home.

Now she's upgraded. Stewart says one of the members of her security detail recently purchased a DJI Phantom, a more advanced quadrotor device than the Parrot AR drone, which can be equipped with an underslung 14-megapixel camera. It's allowed Stewart and her staff to publish a new set of aerial photos, shot from a height of almost 900 feet, on Stewart's personal website. The gallery shows her substantial personal estate, with stables, paddocks, vegetable patches, and large farmhouses. Stewart says that while difficult to control, drones are "lots of fun to play with," before inviting comments from readers on both the quality of her photos, and the ways drones can be used in the future.