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You can now stream SoundCloud through your Sonos speakers

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SoundCloud is the latest music service to hop on the Sonos bandwagon. You can now listen to SoundCloud's huge library of user-uploaded music, playlists, podcasts, comedy bits, newscasts, and more with Sonos' hi-fi audio systems. "You’ve already used SoundCloud to connect with your favorite artists: now, with a click of a button, they can send their freshest tracks and playlists direct to your home," SoundCloud announced today.

Playback is handled with the Sonos controller app, which sadly means you can't (yet) control the speakers throughout your house with SoundCloud's redesigned iPhone app. Google Play Music still has a leg up on other streaming services when it comes to native Sonos integration, but we won't complain about another music source being added to Sonos' growing list. SoundCloud streaming is available now across both iOS and Android.