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One corner of Michigan changed the course of American pizza

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How the founders of Domino's and Little Caesars took two different paths

In a weird way, Detroit has changed modern pizza more than New York or Chicago. Not the style — the thin crust versus deep dish debate will roll on for ages more — but the delivery. It turns out the founders of both Domino's and Little Caesars are from the same slice of Michigan, although, as Bloomberg Businessweek reports, the paths they took after that diverged wildly. Both went on to found pizza empires: Domino's is the second-largest in the country, and Little Caesars is the third, both behind Pizza Hut. But now, Domino's founder Tom Monaghan has given away his vast fortune and found religion. Little Caesars founder Mike Ilitch is spending millions to give the Detroit Tigers, which he bought from Monaghan, a World Series win. How their two lives intersect, when they barely even know each other, is the stuff of fast food legend.