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Apple revamps iTunes Extras, adding it to Apple TV now and iOS 8 in the fall

Apple revamps iTunes Extras, adding it to Apple TV now and iOS 8 in the fall

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Apple's iTunes Extras feature has always been extremely limited, but that's just changed. Previously, only desktop users of iTunes could view extras that came with movies purchased from Apple, things like production stills and deleted scenes. Now, as part of iTunes 11.3 — which went out today — along with a push to Apple TV users running the 6.2 version of the software (which was released last week), iTunes Extras will show up alongside any purchased HD films. Apple is also opening it up for movie studios to add additional content at any time, and for free.

Still not on iOS yet

The only Apple devices that still don't have access to iTunes Extras are iOS devices, though that will change with iOS 8, Apple says. That update was detailed at the company's developer conference last month, and is set for a release in the fall, likely with a new version (or versions) of the iPhone.

iTunes Extras have been around since late 2009, and were introduced as part of iTunes 9. The feature is designed to compete directly with the bonus materials typically offered in DVD and Blu-Ray films, which Apple's been going head-to-head with since 2008 when it started getting Hollywood releases the same day as DVD. Since then, Apple's tried to undercut those formats by getting earlier access to major releases and letting people stream and download purchases from multiple iOS devices and computers.