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You have until August 25th to sound off on Comcast's takeover of Time Warner Cable

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The FCC is taking comments on the deal

Comcast's proposed acquisition of Time Warner is, to put it lightly, controversial. The $45.2 billion all-stock transaction would extend Comcast's already substantial swaths of subscriber territory even farther, an idea that's incensed Senator Al Franken and a former FCC commissioner, among others. Now it's the public's turn to weigh in.

The FCC is starting its 180-day review of the deal today

The FCC is starting its 180-day review of the deal today, and as part of the process, the agency is taking public comments. The window to submit comments opens today and closes August 25th. Comments can be made through the FCC's Electronic Comment Filing System.

Comcast and TWC are already the two largest cable and internet providers in the business. Although they don't currently compete directly in any areas, combined they would operate in 43 of the top 50 US markets, and fears have been raised that the deal will make Comcast unreasonably powerful.

Comcast has already made its case for the takeover, arguing that the deal isn't anti-competition and would give consumers more reliable service, though critics say Comcast is exaggerating the competition and would become far too large if the merger goes forward. When the takeover was first announced, Comcast downplayed the regulatory hurdles. In a statement released today, the company said: "Of course, we fully expect a robust debate, and that's what the FCC process is for. But we believe that once all the facts are in the record, it will show the significant advantages that bringing these companies together will bring."

Disclosure: Comcast Ventures is an investor in Vox Media, The Verge's parent company.