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Ancient seltzer bottle recovered from Polish shipwreck

Ancient seltzer bottle recovered from Polish shipwreck


200-year-old Selters bottle is still corked

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A 200-year-old bottle of naturally carbonated water has been found, according to Discovery News. The perfectly preserved stoneware vessel was recovered from a shipwreck in the Gulf of Gdańsk near the Polish coast, and is dated between 1806 and 1830.

Underwater archaeologist Tomasz Bednarz told Discovery News this may be the oldest corked bottle from Selters, the German community famous for producing the eponymous brand of natural soda water. Though unlikely, Bednarz has not ruled out the possibility the bottle may house wine instead of water, as such containers could have been reused and recorked. Plans are being made to examine its contents in a lab. The 12-inch bottle is the most valuable artifact taken from the wreck which was dubbed F-33-31 or, "Glazik" (Boulders in Polish), by archaeologists. The ship is believed to have carried construction material along the Baltic Coast.