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R-Kaid-R, a portable arcade gaming system from Swedish designer Love Hultén
R-Kaid-R, a portable arcade gaming system from Swedish designer Love Hultén
Love Hultén

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Behold the beautiful arcade briefcase of your dreams

Limited-edition set of 50 available in September 2014, starting at $3,399 (€2,499)

There have been a few sharply designed portable gaming systems in recent years, but none quite so visually striking and idealistically retro as the R-Kaid-R from Swedish design company Love Hultén. A multiplatform gaming device with a custom OS, the device is capable of playing titles from Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, the Atari 2600, even Playstation One and early PC games. But the R-Kaid-R's physical design is its true selling point.

A beautiful, limited-edition, handcrafted set made of several varieties of solid, stained wood and brass, it contains an 8-inch LCD screen, a built-in mono speaker, and folds up neatly into a 3.5-inch (9-centimeter) thick briefcase. It also comes with a USB port and SD-cart slot for adding your own games. Gaming luxury comes at a price, though — the R-Kaid-R will cost nearly $3,400 (€2,499) when it goes on sale in September. Getting one will require a gamer's fast reaction time too: only 50 units will be made. Sign up for sale alerts on Love Hultén's website.


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