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Google updates Maps for iOS with in-line descriptions, a bit more clutter

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Google has released an update to Maps on iOS that tweaks the app's visuals and presentation a bit. Whenever you search for something — be it a restaurant, bar, store, or another local business — you'll now see relevant descriptions for those results appear directly on the map itself. They're only one or two lines of text each and provide a helpful overview of what's nearby, though the new descriptions do make things feel a bit more cluttered. Android users have had this feature for some time now, but that's not where the changes end with today's iOS update.

After searching, users are presented with a list of Google Now-style cards that fills roughly half the screen. Before, you'd see the first search result appear at the bottom and could easily swipe between others. Tap any result on the map and you'll return to that familiar interface. This is another change that makes Maps feel busier, but in fairness it definitely speeds up the process of honing in on a specific result or getting navigation directions somewhere. Users have also gained the ability to display upcoming reservations and events on the map, and Google says it's tweaked the "Explore" feature to showcase better activities depending on your location and the time of day. And if you're getting addicted to Smarty Pins, you'll be glad to hear that it's now easily accessible right in the Maps sidebar.