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Apple engineers are now blogging about Swift

Apple engineers are now blogging about Swift

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Apple employees blogging about something publicly is not a usual occurrence, but that's what's happening with engineers who have built Swift, the company's new programming language. Today the company quietly launched a new blog for Swift that promises to bring a "behind-the-scenes look into the design" of the programming language "by the engineers who created it." So far, there are just two posts: one introducing the blog, and another that goes into some detail about the programming language's compatibility. In other words, don't expect any juicy secrets here.

Don't expect juicy secrets

Alongside the move, Apple's done away with the need to be a paid member of its iOS or Mac developer programs in order to download a beta version of Xcode 6, which lets programmers make Swift-based projects.

Swift was introduced at Apple's annual developer conference last month, and allows developers to create apps that will run on both iOS and OS X. It's big promise is letting developers quickly put together and test apps without having to compile them. Apple's also pitched it as being easier to learn and work with than Objective-C, which has long been the company's go-to programming language.