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The most remote mini golf course on Earth will be gone in November

World burns while humanity putters

There is a miniature golf course perched atop the summit of La Rhune, a 905-metre (about 3,000 feet) mountain that sits on the border between France and Spain. The colorful, quirky installation is made up of letters spelling the word, "Panorama." Each of them is a self-contained course, with unique obstacles and a distinctive theme. "A," in one example, represents "Aquatic" while "O" is for "Ordinateur" (French for Computer). Contrary to its sunny appearance, Guillaumit and Thomas Bernard's ABCDgolf is also intended to be a statement about man's impact on the environment.

The project is part of the Panoramika event, which celebrates the 90th anniversary of La Rhune's iconic train. Festivities began on February 15th, and will run until November 11th when the train is shut down for winter. During this time, visitors will be able to check out musical pieces, view contemporary art, and purchase souvenirs from local virtuosos.


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