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Leaked images show refreshed Google Play Store

Leaked images show refreshed Google Play Store


Material Design brings a clean new look

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A number of screenshots leaked by Android Police illustrate how Google's visual language Material Design might be applied to its Play Store app. They depict a cleaner-looking store with a big focus on hero images, minimalist listings with only sparse amounts of information, and of course, Material Design's hallmark "cards." While arguably more attractive, the redesign may necessitate a lot more swiping.

The modifications are especially noticeable in their tablet incarnations, but the phone interface shares similar traits. Android Police posits that the Play Store changes will probably surface with the launch of Android L. It's likely the new interface will see a few more alterations before then — the Newsstand and Books sections of the redesigned store currently appear incomplete, for example — but this sneak peek provides an idea as to what the next incarnation of the Play Store might look like. However, as these are pre-release builds, there are no guarantees they'll make it to the finish line.