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Old Spice's new spokesman is a creepy humanoid robot

Old Spice's new spokesman is a creepy humanoid robot

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TV commercials are getting downright bizarre lately. If DirecTV's creepy marionette ads weren't unsettling enough for you, say hello to the new "face" of Old Spice: Mandroid. We're not sure whether this awkward robot is meant to parody our strange fascination with robotics or if he's simply Old Spice's next try at a viral advertising hit.

The first commercial sees Mandroid walking on the beach and singing the praises of Old Spice deodorant and body wash. Paired together, these products make Mandroid feel "really cool." Perhaps they've also made him a tad overconfident, since he proceeds to hopelessly whiff at a soccer ball and collapse onto a nearby sunbathing woman. But even crushed ribs don't stop her from noticing the Mandroid's magnificent scent.

A second spot finds Mandroid on the dance floor, where a woman (apparently impressed with his hobbies of "rollerblading and pepperoni pizza") invites the robot to accompany her home. Before Mandroid can get an answer out, the humanoid's entire face falls off. No matter. Thanks to Old Spice, his admirer ignores the mess of wires and computer chips before her and takes his indecipherable bleeps and bloops as a resounding "yes."

According to Mashable, the beach clip will run on television, but the club commercial will be seen online only. Perhaps that's a good thing. Old Spice's latest campaign isn't terrible, nor does it give us the urge to change channels quite like DirecTV's ads, but it's also clear that Mandroid is no Terry Crews — or even the "look at your man" guy.