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Beats is giving gold headphones to Germany's victorious World Cup team

Beats is giving gold headphones to Germany's victorious World Cup team

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Beats had no official ties with this year's World Cup, but still managed to generate more headlines than any of FIFA's sponsors. And now that the thrilling competition is over with, Beats is determined to seize one final, golden opportunity at publicity. Germany took the World Cup championship on Sunday with its 1-0 victory in extra time over Argentina, and Beats is congratulating the team with a commemorative pair of headphones dipped in 24-carat gold.

All of the team's players and manager Joachim Löw will be gifted the Golden Beats Pros; Beats describes them as "the ultimate prize to go with the ultimate sporting victory." The regular Beats Pro headphones retail for $399.95 and, if you believe the company's marketing machine, are designed "for sound engineers, musicians, and those who take sound seriously."

But before these golden cans are delivered to the ears of Germany's elite footballers, Beats wanted to showcase them to the whole world in grand style. The company called upon Naomi Campbell to model the headphones and commissioned fashion photographer Rankin to capture the "celebratory salute." "We know you only get one trophy, so Dr. Dre and myself are sending you a pair of 24-carat gold Beats," Campbell says in a video documenting the shoot. The song playing throughout the behind-the-scenes clip is none other than "Jungle (Remix)." Sound familiar? It's the same backing track used for Beats' killer soccer commercial that premiered ahead of the World Cup.