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Watch Boeing's 787-9 Dreamliner do things that would make you throw up

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Boeing is at the Farnborough Airshow this week — one of the biggest trade exhibitions for the world's aircraft manufacturers — showing off the 787-9, a larger version of the Dreamliner that's going head-to-head with new offerings from European arch-rival Airbus. But when you're showing off an airliner to the men and women who are deciding whether to buy them, it turns out that a standard takeoff and landing demonstration won't cut it: the pilots throw these aircraft into extreme maneuvers designed to look impressive and convince airlines that they're writing a check for a truly badass plane.

Be sure to watch the whole video of the new Dreamliner getting ready for its Farnborough demo — and just be glad you're not on it. (Or be disappointed, depending on how strong your stomach is.)

Update July 14, 8:43PM: Some are doubting that the video is real. It's very real. Here's new video from PlanesTV showing the exact same demonstration being performed at Farnborough earlier today.