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The genius behind 'Scott Pilgrim' returns with his latest graphic novel

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Scott Pilgrim, with its jerky, dreamy, sword-wielding hero with a love for 8-bit video games, became a cultural touchstone for many comics fans in the last decade who grew up nerdy in the 1980s. It also happened to put author Bryan Lee O'Malley on the map. Between 2004 and 2010, O'Malley put out six volumes of his beloved graphic novel series, earning an Eisner nomination and highly-regarded film adaptation in the process. Now he's back with his latest graphic novel, Seconds, which hits stores tomorrow. As he tells Wired, while his first great work focused on young adults just figuring things out, Seconds deals with life as one learns to live with getting older and living with their choices. There are still plenty of pop culture, food, and gaming references, though. Read the entire profile here.