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Shazam now lets Rdio users play full songs right after tagging them

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Shazam doesn't want you to leave its app, and has partnered with music streaming service Rdio to make that happen. A new update to Shazam's iOS app that went out today — and is headed to the Android version — lets you play full versions of songs you've identified using the company's tagging technology. It requires being a Rdio subscriber, and allowing Shazam access to your account. Once you've linked the two, you can also add songs to Rdio playlists right from Shazam, listen to full tracks from Shazam's "explore" and "pulse" sections, and see songs you've played in Shazam in your Rdio history. It's a markedly different approach from the way Shazam's app used to work, which kicked you out to Rdio or Spotify's app to listen to a whole track, and send you to iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play to buy it. According to Rdio, the feature is coming to Android users "shortly."