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This is what it's like to go full power in an electric racecar

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Lucas di Grassi films first-hand experience with GoPro helmet camera

Participants in the upcoming Formula E Championship recently took to the Donington Park circuit to test their machines. And thanks to Audi Sports ABT's Lucas di Grassi, there is now first-person footage illustrating what it is like to drive the all-electric race cars at full power.

The Brazilian driver filmed the experience using a GroPro camera, which was strapped to his visor during the journey. During normal circumstances, Formula E cars are restricted to only using power-saving mode which caps at 133kW (180 horsepower), but can be "boosted" to 200kW (270 horsepower). However, because di Grassi was not in a race environment, he was able to use his engine at full capacity, thereafter demonstrating how fast these environmentally-friendly automobiles can be. His car reached speeds of over 230kph (143mph) on the track, and could accelerate from 0 to 100kph (62mph) in 2.8 seconds.