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Haunting music video uses 3D imaging to find the child within

Haunting music video uses 3D imaging to find the child within


Video for Woodkid's 'The Golden Age' puts boy in a man's chest

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Yoann Lemoine has directed music videos for some of pop's biggest stars, including Lana Del Rey, Katy Perry, and Drake. But Lemoine doesn't just make videos for other people. The French director is also a musician, creating complex and layered songs under the moniker Woodkid. For one of his latest songs, "The Golden Age," Lemoine has combined his talents, pairing the 10-minute-long track with a strange and symbolic video that uses a 3D scanner to juxtapose new technology with black-and-white images of life deep in the country.

The video starts with the figure of a man slowly sliding into shot. It's almost as if he's being 3D printed: as the camera tracks down his body, we see his leg bones appear to coalesce under his skin. The camera tracks over the now fully-formed figure, before flickering for a second, removing his outer skin. Inside the man's chest, we see, is the body of a young boy, curled up and apparently asleep. As the music swells, the camera cuts to a flesh-and-blood version of the boy, asleep on a bed with his skin marked with dirt. From there, Lemoine follows the group of people that appear to be the boy's family as they love, laugh, fight, and exchange haunting looks with each other in the woods they seem to call home.