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Fly from Tokyo to San Francisco in 83 seconds with this gorgeous timelapse

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Faster than the Concorde

Over 5,100 miles of ocean separate Tokyo from San Francisco, a journey that ordinarily takes air travelers over 9 1/2 hours to complete. But imagine if the trip could be done in a little over a minute: that's the effect created in a new timelapse video from YouTube user psp747. Said to be compiled from over 3,400 still images taken during the course of a flight, the video shows clouds whipping underneath at an incredible rate and the sun setting and rising over the horizon. The backing track, "A Courageous Light Instrumental," comes by way of musician Adam Michaels. It's certainly not the first aerial timelapse, but it is almost enough to make you forget the headaches associated with most commercial flights these days (delays, layovers, security, etc.)