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You can shop for your next yacht on the Craigslist for rich people

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The Bloomberg terminal's fast-paced delivery of news and financial data makes it an invaluable tool to many in the finance fields. But there's a curious thing about the terminals' general user: because of their business, they often enough have a lot of disposable income to spare. As BuzzFeed noticed, the Bloomberg terminal actually has a built in classifieds section — or what it's calling a Craigslist just for the rich — to help them take advantage of that. (Somehow, the service is even called POSH.) Looking through the listings, BuzzFeed found boats, planes, lightly used sports cars, Rolex watches, diamond rings, and even a castle going for €20 million ($27.2 million). Head over to BuzzFeed to see more of the strange and opulent listings hidden within the terminals.