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Weird Al's 'Blurred Lines' parody skewers Reddit and doge for grammar crimes

Weird Al's 'Blurred Lines' parody skewers Reddit and doge for grammar crimes

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Weird Al plans to release a new music video every day for eight straight days, and for day two he's taking on Robin Thicke's infectious (and controversial) single "Blurred Lines." Al's version is called "Word Crimes," and it's a general send-up of people with poor grammar. "If you can't write in the proper way / if you don't know how to conjugate," Al opens, "maybe you flunked that class / and maybe now you find that people mock you online." Al eventually delves into some brief grammar lessons, so you might actually learn a thing or two about parts of speech by listening.

"You'd better slow down / and use the right pronoun."

As with yesterday's parody of Pharrell's "Happy," the video for "Word Crimes" only serves to make the song all the more funny. Reddit, doge, and Clippy all make cameos in the video, which switches back and forth between dropping grammar lessons and dropping pop-culture references. The video also remakes a few elements of Thicke's original video, including its use of bold hashtags across the screen and a certain set of silver balloons. There isn't, however, any nudity.

Al actually spoke with NPR about "Word Crimes" before its release, explaining that he's increasingly had to think outside the box when making parodies. "When I do my parodies, because of YouTube, I'm never the first person to do a parody of a certain song," Al says. "And all the obvious ideas seem to be taken already, so nowadays when I do a parody I try to think of an angle that might be a little bit different or left-of-center that somebody else hasn't thought of already." Grammar, Al suspects, isn't one that's been done yet.