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Will this be the worst sitcom ever?

Will this be the worst sitcom ever?


'The Room' creator Tommy Wiseau returns

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Can sitcoms get any worse than the broad, cookie-cutter material already on TV? The answer is a resounding "yes." Tommy Wiseau, the director behind the atrociously bad cult-hit The Room, is working on a sitcom called The Neighbors, and he plans to release it this September. As spotted by the AV Club, Wiseau has been teasing the sitcom over the past month. He's actually said to have begun working on the show a decade ago, back in 2004, but for some reason it never came to fruition before now.

"In this pilot, Mariana is obsessed about bugs in her apartment."

The show follows the tenants and manager of an apartment building. There's also a princess, and a ghost prince. "This cocktail of characters always guarantee plenty of surprises," The Neighbors' website explains. "The demographic is all inclusive."

Some footage of the older project actually made its way online (below), and The Neighbors' website actually links to it as the trailer. For better or worse, there's now also some newer footage of the project. Deeply, deeply absurd footage. Is it an ad? Is it part of the show? It's hard to say whether Wiseau is embracing his role as an auteur of the awful or if he truly intends to create an edgy work of art, but perhaps that mystery is just part of the appeal. Either way, get ready to cringe. And if the show actually debuts in September — we have to imagine online rather than on TV — get ready to cringe some more.

For those wondering: Yes, Wiseau does have his own line of underwear.