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Jason Segel left Twitter because of burrito fanboys

Jason Segel left Twitter because of burrito fanboys


'I realized that’s not a power I want to wield'

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It's rare for a public figure to shun Twitter, but Jason Segel, the actor known for How I Met Your Mother and currently starring in the upcoming movie Sex Tape, has revealed why he quit. In an interview with Variety, Segel explains that he left Twitter after an ill-fated decision in late-night snacking when he accidentally incited an internet riot. According to Segel: "At one point, at 3AM, I was deciding between eating a sandwich and a burrito, and I ate a sandwich," said Segel. "It was delicious, and I tweeted: 'Sandwiches are better than burritos.' And then there was a firestorm of debate."

"'You don’t know about burritos', they’d say."

While it hasn't been used since 2012, Segel's Twitter feed is still up, complete with the burritos-versus-sandwiches debate. It appears that the tweet more accurately reads: "Burritos are all very similar. They taste the same. They are not like sandwiches." Segel isn't the first celebrity to quit Twitter over controversy, though most, including Alec Baldwin and Chris Brown, return soon after. So far, the rage generated by questioning the Internet's love of burritos has kept Segel away, though he did manage to attract at least 2.5 million followers in his short time on Twitter. In his defense, Segel did try to make amends.