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This clock rotates to tell you the time anywhere in the world

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11+ is a small Korean design firm that's slowly carving out a name for itself as a maker of truly beautiful objects. Its latest is a simple cylindrical desk clock with a difference. Major world city names adorn the side of the appropriately named World Clock, and it can be rotated to display the time anywhere in the world. While the body and hands rotate as expected, the face hangs freely, its 12 pointing upwards and 6 pointing downwards regardless of the clock's orientation.

The spinning functionality is a clever trick that's undoubtably been thought of before, but coupled with a typically accomplished design from 11+, it goes a long way. If there's an issue with the design, it's that the hands and face are all set in the same color, meaning it's not the most legible timekeeper. 11+ doesn't have much of a retail presence in the US yet, but you can pick up a World Clock in gray, blue, or burnt orange from Leibal for $49.00.