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Yes, there is yet another 'Dungeons & Dragons' movie rights lawsuit

Yes, there is yet another 'Dungeons & Dragons' movie rights lawsuit


Some problems can't be solved with a dice roll

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Yesterday we wrote about two sets of independent, Kickstarter-funded filmmakers who are embroiled in a lawsuit over their competing Dungeons & Dragons documentaries. Today brings news of a similar fight happening at a higher level: a trial date has been set in the battle between Hasbro and Sweatpea Entertainment over the rights to a live action D&D movie.

"Sweetpea alleges that it has the license to make a Dungeons & Dragons movie, while Hasbro contends that that license has expired," reports The Escapist. The companies were unable to reach an agreement, so to court they will go on September 16th.

Why all the sudden D&D fervor?

Why all the sudden D&D fervor? Wizards of the Coast, which bought TSR, the company that invented Dungeons & Dragons, just introduced a new edition of D&D in the hopes of revitalizing the franchise. Early reviews have been positive and there is hope that the game will make a comeback after being outshone by massive multiplayer online games.

This lawsuit makes a total of four parties hoping to make D&D movies and fighting bitterly over it. Perhaps one day we'll get a D&D movie of some kind, although maybe we don't want one. Reviews of a Dungeons & Dragons film released in 2000 were not positive.