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Google is recruiting Glass converts with free demos

Google is recruiting Glass converts with free demos


Glass demos are available at "Basecamps" in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco

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CNET reports that Google sent out emails on Wednesday inviting the public to "sit down with a Glass Guide" and partake in a first-hand experience of the company's futuristic Google Glass headset. Those interested will need to schedule appointments at one of the "Basecamps" — service centers for Google Glass — located in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. Prospective buyers are allowed to bring a second person, so long as their companion is older than 13.

Google Glass is currently available in the United Kingdom and the US, although it should be noted that the product is still in open beta. The $1,500 wearable device is still being tweaked on multiple fronts, with a modified version featuring double the original amount of RAM announced late last month. Google is also working on making Glass more visually appealing, going as far as partnering with fashion icon Diane von Furstenberg to produce more stylish alternatives. It is currently unknown if Furstenberg's designs will be included in demo sessions. Glass's four-digit price tag remains a deterrent for a majority of the general populace, but a commitment-free test drive might be what it takes to persuade those who are on the fence.