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Imgur is making it even easier to find funny cat GIFs

Imgur is making it even easier to find funny cat GIFs


Reddit's favorite image host launches new discovery features

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Image-sharing service Imgur is introducing a redesigned front page, advanced search functions and new discovery tools, highlighted by the addition of user-suggested tags. This will allow users to curate personalized galleries or filter out unwanted images. Tags can also be voted on, ensuring only the most relevant material will receive attention.

As for the new search feature, it now permits users to sort through files based on criteria like title, tag, image size, and image type. "This new set of features significantly empowers our community to explore and enjoy the full scope of the web’s most viral content," Imgur CEO Alan Schaaf says in a statement. The popular image host has worked hard to cater to its enormous audience's needs. In 2013, it released a meme generator and mobile apps to allow its users to share images while on the go. Then in 2014, Imgur launched an analytics program which provides intricate breakdowns of statistics such as daily view count. Though originally designed to be used in conjunction with Reddit, Imgur is steadily building itself into a fully-featured standalone entity.