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Microsoft claims Xbox One sales doubled in first month without Kinect

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Back in May Microsoft announced plans for a cheaper Xbox One that didn't include a Kinect — and, at least according the company, the strategy is working. Microsoft claims that June sales of the console have more than doubled in the US compared to May, boosted primarily by the new $399, Kinect-free version of the Xbox One. Unfortunately, the company failed to provide any actual numbers to help gauge just how big that sales increase really is. Notably, Microsoft makes no claims that the sales spike has put the Xbox One ahead of the PlayStation 4.

The new, cheaper Xbox One has been on sale since June 9th. The $399 price point puts the console on even footing with the PS4, which has outsold Microsoft's console in the US for the past five months. In April, the more expensive $499 edition of the Xbox One sold 115,000 units, but still came in second to Sony's offering. While today's announcement is decidedly lacking in details, we should have a clearer picture of the console race when the NPD releases its sales data very soon.