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Facebook has released Mentions, an iOS app only for celebrities

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Facebook has released a new app, but it's only for celebrities. The company just announced an iOS app called Facebook Mentions, which can be accessed only by people with verified accounts. With Mentions, users can see a somewhat Twitter-like stream of posts that reference them, and they can find trending topics that they might want to engage in for (presumably) brand-building purposes. Most features are reasonably standard Facebook fare, albeit supposedly streamlined for people with extremely active feeds, but Mentions also adds the option of holding a live Q&A session with fans.

Mentions was noted last year in testing, but now it's officially being rolled out, albeit with no mention of an Android version. So far, it's only available to people with verified pages (not personal profiles) in the US, who can request access online or through the app. But Facebook says it will be granting access to verified profiles in the coming months, as well as people with pages in other countries.

Correction July 17th, 1:30pmET: Facebook's Mentions service is open only to people, not brands and companies as originally stated.