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Oculus is reportedly building its own VR motion controllers

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One of the biggest challenges for virtual reality right now is finding the best way to control the experience. And though it's still early, a wave of third-party creators has already cropped up building everything from gloves to treadmills that immerse you in VR. However, it looks like Oculus may just be creating a solution of its own. According to CNET, Oculus is developing its own motion controllers to work alongside its Rift VR headset. There aren't any details about what form the controllers will take — or when they'll be available — but they'll reportedly utilize the Rift's camera to track the position of your hands.

It's a set-up that sounds similar to Sony's Project Morpheus, which works in conjunction with PlayStation Move motion controllers and the PlayStation Camera. In addition to the controllers, Oculus is also experimenting with a camera that can track gestures made by your hands and fingers, a feature that could make it into the final version of the headset. We still don't know just when that commercial version of Oculus' headset will be available, but the company started shipping out the final version of its development kit this month. In September the company will be holding its very first development conference, aimed at luring even more creators to its fledgling VR platform.