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Secret's origin story is no longer a secret

Secret's origin story is no longer a secret


Inside the app that makes every user a 'red poop or green boat'

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According to a new story in FastCompany, Secret began as a Snapchat competitor called Whispr. Then, founders Chrys Bader and David Byttow realized that ephemerality didn't make sense for an app about confessions. What about when you want to read confessions again? The two ex-Google+ engineers learned from Whispr, and then built something new. "The idea was sort of a Twitter for secrets, but with a clever twist," writes FastCompany's Austin Carr. "Instead of sharing with followers, Secret's anonymized messages would be shared with the contacts in your phonebook." Carr's post digs deep into the many stages of designing Secret, as well as the implications of a network that's perfect for sharing your thoughts, but also your gossip. Check out the full story here.