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Google and Samsung are reportedly fighting again, and this time it's over smartwatches

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Google and Samsung are reportedly at odds once again. According to The Information, Google CEO Larry Page is unhappy that Samsung is pushing Tizen as its chosen smartwatch platform. Apparently joining LG in the retail launch of Android Wear wasn't enough to satisfy Page. The report describes a "tense private meeting" between Google's leader and Samsung Vice Chairman Jay Y. Lee earlier this month, during which Page voiced displeasure about the fact that Samsung invests far more in Tizen-based watches like the Gear 2 and Gear Fit than it does Android Wear. Samsung has said Tizen will play no small role in its future plans, though the company failed to produce a smartphone running the open source software on time.

Larry Page thinks Samsung is investing too much in Tizen and not enough in Android Wear

Samsung's Gear Live smartwatch is basically just the Gear 2 hardware repurposed to run Google's own software; Samsung didn't bother engineering a unique watch to help the brand-new Android Wear OS stand out to consumers. On the other hand, it's hard to fault the company for wanting to remain consistent in design, nor is it Google's role to dictate where Samsung should spend its cash. The two have also reportedly clashed over the look and feel of Android, with Google urging Samsung to stop building apps that mimic Mountain View's offerings. Despite outward appearances that suggest Google and Samsung have enjoyed a healthier working relationship in recent months, it seems they're still butting heads on some very important issues.