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Amazon's first Fire Phone ad is all about Amazon Prime

Amazon's first Fire Phone ad is all about Amazon Prime

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After announcing it a month ago, Amazon is finally about to release its first smartphone, the Fire Phone. It's now beginning to air its first commercial for the phone too, and it's one of strange choices, to say the least. The ad focuses specifically on the phone's access to Amazon Prime and its library of movies, TV shows, books, games, and apps. As with most Amazon devices, integration with Prime is a key selling point here — and as this ad makes a point of, the phone actually comes with a single year free.

Otherwise, the short spot refrains from delving into the phone's more unique features, namely, the "3D" depth given to all areas of its interface and the phone's ability to scan and identify many products it's pointed at. The phone will become available next friday, on July 25th, only on AT&T. Mashable reports that another ad will be released next Thursday.