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Xbox One sales doubled in June, but PS4 takes the top spot

Xbox One sales doubled in June, but PS4 takes the top spot


Sixth consecutive month that Sony's on top

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The PlayStation 4 remained the best-selling console in the United States last month, according to NPD figures cited by Sony, despite Microsoft's attempts to drive sales of its Xbox One console by introducing a cheaper model. Microsoft was able to double its sales of its Xbox One console in June with the release of a $399 model that didn't include motion-sensing camera Kinect, but it apparently still wasn't enough to knock Sony off the top spot.

This marks the sixth consecutive month Sony has outsold its console rivals, cementing the PS4 as the cumulative leader in next-generation console sales. The company also said that it was the preferred platform for a number of the biggest next-generation games, with more Americans playing multiplatform titles UFC, FIFA 14, and the recently released Watch Dogs on PS4 than Xbox One. Sony claims two of the top three next-generation titles by sales, too, with the other spot going to Mario Kart 8. Nintendo's superb racer was June's best-selling disc-based game, and helped drive purchases of the Wii U and its software. Sales of both increased by 233 percent and 373 percent respectively in June 2014 compared to June 2013.

Microsoft doubled sales, but it wasn't enough to beat Sony

Microsoft announced that the Xbox One had doubled in sales in June yesterday, driven by the new $399 Kinect-less model and a slate of new games, but the American company stopped short of providing actual sales figures. The new version of the Xbox One only went on sale on June 9th, so it didn't get a full month to compete with the PS4. Still, it was expected that it would give Microsoft enough of a sales boost to challenge the PS4's dominance.