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Today is your last chance to tell the FCC how you feel about net neutrality

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It's crunch time in the battle to preserve net neutrality. The FCC will stop accepting comments on its Open Internet proposal at midnight EST tonight, so if you haven't gotten a word in with the commission yet, this is your moment. And keep in mind you're actually now on borrowed time; the FCC's deadline was originally scheduled for yesterday, but was pushed to today in response to an "overwhelming surge in traffic." It's already taken in over 1 million comments. Only Janet Jackson can say she's managed to bring in more than that.

By now you're likely aware of everything that's at stake as the FCC and Chairman Tom Wheeler mull over proposals that could radically reshape internet access in the United States. So get commenting. Speak now or risk forever buffering. You can file a comment right here, and the FCC is also accepting feedback via email at Once the clock strikes midnight, the initial public comment period will come to a close. After that, the commission will be taking replies to those comments through September 10th.