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Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert duel to see who's the bigger 'Star Wars' fan

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert duel to see who's the bigger 'Star Wars' fan

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Disney and Lucasfilm have been using the out-of-this-galaxy popularity of Star Wars to raise money for charity, and with just a week left in their very first campaign, they've enlisted Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to help promote the cause. Fortunately, Stewart and Colbert are apparently huge Star Wars fans — huge enough of fans to duel over the title of who the series' biggest fan truly is. The two have put together a short, hilarious video for the campaign, and it's not to be missed for fans of the two comedians.

"Why are you using Darth Vader's lightsaber?"

The campaign that they're promoting has been running since late May in support of UNICEF — specifically, its Innovation Labs, which funds projects for children. The campaign is being run through Omaze, which means that pledges all come with Kickstarter-style rewards, ranging from a thank-you note to a screening, depending on how much you give. But the exciting part about donating through an Omaze campaign is that everyone is entered in for a chance to win a grand prize, and in this case it happens to be a role in Episode VII. That's quite the appealing offer, and it's certainly a good way for Disney's newly launched Star Wars: Force for Change initiative to kick thing off.