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PuffPuffChat is Chatroulette for stoned people

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Chatroulette became a phenomenon shortly after it debuted, but for many, the novelty of chatting with a randomly chosen stranger quickly wore off. A similar type of site is now trying to fix that by taking a slightly different approach, making sure that its users have something in common: that they're pretty much all high. The site is called PuffPuffChat, and it asks users to rank themselves on a 10-point scale of how high they are before putting them in either a text or video chat with someone at a similar level. According to The Daily Dot, the site launched back in May, and it's already hosted tens of thousands of chats.

In an interview with Adweek, site founder Eric (who goes by the name "cherry_garcia" on Reddit) says that most of the chats have been text chats, which certainly differentiates it from the video-focused Chatroulette. That may well be for good reason though: "It appears stoners are more comfortable in complete anonymity," Eric says. The site is really bare bones, but it works. After randomly choosing a number (while at work), I quickly ended up in a chat with someone discussing our shoe sizes. It may not have been the enlightening experience that Eric wants users of the site to have, but there's clearly a very specific audience meant to take advantage of that.