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Nathan Drake says no

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Uncharted hero Nathan Drake has had some adventures. Enough to fill three PS3 console games and another on Vita. In between all the gun battles, daring leaps, and breathtaking action sequences, it turns out there have also been plenty of nos. Drake tends to say it often, so naturally someone on the internet decided to put every utterance of "no" together. One fan compiled a supercut of Drake, voiced by Nolan North (No No for short), expressing the negative to everyone and everything around him — over and over again. Grenades seem to be a trigger for Nate. When they're tossed anywhere nearby, he blurts the word out like rapid fire. If left to pick, our favorite would probably be the "no" that comes 54 seconds in. There's no telling what awaits Drake in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, but it's safe to assume that gamers will be hearing "no" a whole lot as they go along for the ride.