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Weird Al turns hashtag into song with 'First World Problems' music video

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Weird Al's eight days of music videos for his album Mandatory Fun sure seems perfectly designed to take the internet by storm. In today's ridiculous video, "First World Problems," the one-of-a-kind artist has transformed a list of Twitter rants into a song that pokes fun at bands like the Pixies. While Weird Al's self-proclaimed "douchey" alter-ego in the video has some perennial problems, like missing breakfast because he overslept, many of his complaints are right up to date for 2014. "My Sonicare won't recharge / now I gotta brush my teeth like a Neanderthal," he chants at one point, later adding: "My house is so big / I can't get Wi-Fi in the kitchen." He finishes the track with the ultimate first world problem: "I had to buy something I didn't even need / just so I could qualify for free shipping on Amazon." We've all been there, Al.