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The Verge Playlist: Country-fried funk

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When most folks think of country music, they hear the twangy guitar, too earnest vocals, and simple driving beat that have come to typify the genre on mainstream radio. But there is another side to country music, a weird underbelly that mixes in funk, soul, rock and roll. This playlist is a collection of my favorite tunes from a genre a good friend once called "country fried." Geographically it takes us from Texas to Los Angeles to the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. It would be easy to argue some of the artists on here aren’t "country" but the fun is finding finding tracks that defy easy categorization, giving a respectful nod to Nashville before cutting a path for some unexplored territory in a backwoods Delta swamp or California coastline.

  1. Border Lord
  2. Polk Salad Annie
  3. Smokies
  4. Out In the Woods
  5. I Am Not Willing
  6. Morning Dew
  7. Georgia Morning Dew
  8. Fancy
  9. Color Him Father
  10. About Her Eyes
  11. Snowqueen of Texas
  12. Hush
  13. Hunger Child Blues
  14. Life Has Its Ups and Downs
  15. At the Crossroads