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Try bending your mind around this Google Cube music video

Try bending your mind around this Google Cube music video


An interactive music video created in partnership with electro duo The Presets

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There are different sides to everything, including indie band The Presets' new single, "No Fun." The music video for the song is housed in Google Creative Labs' Cube, a widget capable of running multiple videos and audio tracks concurrently. Each panel is occupied by a different clip — talking heads, a woman in a bathtub, a dancer on an urban adventure — and a separate layer of the music.

The Cube's audio is synchronized with its movements, meaning it can be rotated to hear how different segments harmonize with one another. Traditionalists can also opt to listen to the track in its entirety by "flattening" the digital hexahedron with a click of a button. Google Product Marketing Manager Ernesto Sorian explains that the Cube is an "experimental platform for interactive storytelling" intended for the production of art divorced from "two-dimensional traditional constraints." Like its Google Maps-toting predecessor, the Cube uses HTML5 and WebGL technology, and is best viewed on Chrome browsers or Android devices.