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    Tim Howard named secretary of defense in the best Wikipedia troll ever

    Tim Howard named secretary of defense in the best Wikipedia troll ever


    From US national soccer team to US government — for a minute

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    On Tuesday, there was a silver lining to the US men's soccer team losing to Belgium: Tim Howard, the American goalkeeper, had one of the most spectacular evenings you'll ever see. He had 16 saves, more in a World Cup game than anyone in 50 years, and single-handedly kept the US alive for a thrilling conclusion in extra time. He was named player of the game, and congratulated by players on both teams.

    And then, according to Wikipedia, he was appointed secretary of defense of the United States of America. Some brilliant Wikipedia editor gave Tim Howard the true credit he deserved last night, though the page was quickly reverted to show that Chuck Hagel, who had exactly zero saves on Tuesday for the US team, remains the secretary of defense.

    It's maybe the greatest Wikipedia troll / homage of all time. It might not be better than a World Cup trophy, but at least Tim Howard has something awesome to hang on his wall now.

    Update: Secretary Hagel called Tim Howard on Wednesday to congratulate him on his performance. And, presumably, to make sure Howard has no political aspirations in the near future, because the only person who could stop Tim Howard's campaign would obviously be Tim Howard.