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LG is the first smartphone maker to join Google's Open Automotive Alliance

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"Android Everywhere" was the theme of Google I/O this year, and one of the new frontiers the company is tackling is the car. That's not a brand-new focus, however — back at CES, Google announced the Open Automotive Alliance, its attempt at getting both automakers and technology companies on the same page. The latest company to join up with the alliance is LG — while a number of companies like Panasonic and Nvidia sit alongside automakers like Audi and Honda, LG marks the first handset maker to put its weight behind Google's initiative.

Google hasn't yet released details on what specific handsets will work with Android Auto — but it seems like a safe bet that LG's future smartphones will work with the new system. And if the company keeps putting out phones as good as the G3 we reviewed last month, Android Auto support will be another point in favor of LG.