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Spectacular food packaging decays with its contents

Spectacular food packaging decays with its contents


Tomorrow Machine's 'This Too Shall Pass' series is designed to have a short lifespan

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Swedish design studio Tomorrow Machine believes that the relationship between food and packaging should be symbiotic, with containers surviving only as long as their contents. In a vividly colored series entitled "This Too Shall Pass," the company showcases three items, each of which looks more like an ornament than a household product.

The first is a gelatinous packet molded from agar-agar and water that is intended for use with liquids like cream, smoothies, and fresh juice. The second is a triangular-shaped package designed to house dry goods such as rice or grain. Made from beeswax, it is adorned with a subtle gradient and must be peeled like a fruit in order to access whatever is inside. The third is arguably the most spectacular, an iridescent jade snowglobe built out of wax-coated, caramelized sugar. A crack is all it takes to release the water-soluble package's cargo. "This Too Shall Pass" is just one of Tomorrow Machine's varied attempts to imagine an environmentally friendly yet appealing future.