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TrinityVR is making a motion-control gun for virtual reality gaming

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There may soon be a new controller for the Oculus Rift. TrinityVR has launched a Kickstarter for a controller they're calling the Trinity Magnum, a motion-tracking gun designed for first-person shooter play in virtual reality. The gun is designed to sell for under $100, and allow a new level of immersion in a VR setting. Physical movements would track directly onto the virtual version of the gun, allowing a player to aim at a variety of targets without changing the player view. The result "makes you feel like you're truly interacting with the object in the game world," according to the project description.

The device is still just a prototype, and TrinityVR is planning to raise at least $60,000 on Kickstarter to turn it into a reality. $99 will get you on the list for an early developer kit, which the project estimates will ship around September of 2014. Beyond that, the company's plans are still open. The Magnum is designed to work around a variety of platforms, including Windows, Linux and Unity, hopefully making the device easier to code for. For now, the group's main priority is getting game designers on board. "The developers are our most important asset," co-founder Julian Volyn told Polygon. "We want to be there for them."