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Facebook now lets you save links, places, music, and more for later

Facebook now lets you save links, places, music, and more for later

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Keeping up with Facebook's news feed can often feel like a losing battle, especially when you've got friends that bombard the stream with links several times a day. No one has time to read all that on the spot, and thankfully Facebook is completely aware of those time constraints. Since most people can't spend the entire day on Facebook, today the company is introducing a new "Save" feature that makes getting back to links and other shared content much easier. It's rolling out to all users on iOS, Android, and the web over the next few days.

Aside from links, you'll also be able to save places, music, movies, and TV shows that your friends are posting about. Facebook will compile all of these saved items together in a new section that's being added to the "More" tab on mobile. And revisiting that stuff from a desktop browser should also be easy thanks to a link that'll soon appear in the Facebook sidebar. From here you can share those items with friends or archive links once you've finally found free time to read them.

Facebook knows you can't spend all day on Facebook

There's no offline access to content, so Facebook Save isn't going to replace Pocket or Instapaper anytime soon. Nor does it offer the organization that Pinterest users are accustomed to. You can't make your own lists of saved items since Facebook automatically puts everything into buckets for links, places, music, and so on. It's super basic by design.

It's hard to see a practical reason for saving Facebook pages belonging to bands or TV shows; links and places are clearly where the new feature makes the most sense. But Facebook, always eager to experiment with new features, also runs the risk of people missing this latest one entirely or quickly forgetting about it. To help prevent that, the company says you'll sometimes see reminders for saved content pop up in the news feed.