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Samsung mocks the iPhone 6 before it's even announced

Samsung mocks the iPhone 6 before it's even announced


Screen size envy is Samsung's latest Apple attack

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No one knows for sure if Apple really is announcing a bigger iPhone, but that hasn't stopped Samsung from taking yet another jab at its rival. The company's derisive new commercial shows a man excitedly commenting on rumors about the upcoming iPhone 6's screen size. His enthusiasm is crushed when his friend, who is glued to a Galaxy S5, asks, "This hasn't happened yet?" The 30-second video then continues with the narrator slyly alluding to the fact that bigger smartphones are available right now — if iPhone proponents are willing to defect, that is. Historically speaking, Samsung has never been shy about deriding Apple products. Just earlier this month, the company had released another commercial, except this one focused on mocking the iPhone's questionable battery life instead of the display size of an unreleased smartphone.