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This Is My Next: a buying guide for the future

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If you write about technology, work in technology, or just spend regular time near technology, the questions come early and they come often. Which laptop should I buy? Do I want an iPhone or an Android? I need something for checking my email on rainy Thursdays at approximately 6,000 feet above sea level — what do I get? Technology is now an inextricable part of our lives, and it’s more important than ever to make sure we get the right thing. The best thing.Welcome to This Is My Next, which is all about the best things. This Is My Next is a one-stop answer to the question "which one should I buy?" It’s Let Me Google That For You for gadgets, apps, and everything else we’re going to need to live in the future. Each week, we will seek to answer that question for some product or category. When you want to know what to buy, we'll always have the answer.